Millennials in the Cedar Valley Market

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Does the millennial buyer pool affect you? If so, what can you to do to cater to it? You might think that because your home is worth $200,000, anyone between 18 and 34 won’t be interested in it. Maybe it’s your second or third home. However, the economy has changed and college graduates earn more than in the past. Additionally, interest rates are historically low at 3.5%. Check out these tips on how to cater to millennials.

  • Millennials hate maintenance. Get it taken care of ahead of time, before you even list!
  • Millennials love grey! It’s the most popular neutral color out there. They love darker floors and white trims.
  • Millennials make decisions quickly! Within the first thirty seconds of walking into your home, they most likely have already made their decision.
  • Millennials want to see quality content on the online listing. Add engaging photos and detailed information to spark interest in buyers.
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