The Secret to Making Your Home Attractive to Millennial Buyers!

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Today, I want to discuss a few Cedar Valley buying trends that I've noticed lately. All over the country, millennials are entering the market - but "what are they buying?" and "how are they buying?" are questions on everyone's mind.

It's a fact: the millennial buyer thinks and acts differently than all other buyers. If you're selling, the key is to eliminate maintenance, as this is the biggest objection millennial buyers will have. If you don't understand that, it could cost you thousands!

Millennials subscribe to the "less is more" philosophy. They prefer white woodwork, high ceilings, gray tones, and other neutral features. Millennials, generally, would rather have more quality and less space. A big house that needs a lot of work is something they simply aren't interested in.  

If you would like more tips about how to sell your home to millennial buyers, we would love to help. We have some younger agents on our team who help keep us current with the latest trends, so we know exactly what you have to do to get your home sold! Give us a call or shoot us an email for the service you deserve! 

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